ALCIVIA Complete Care Service Agreement

ALCIVIA Complete Care is a maintenance plan that provides coverage for labor, trip charge, Co test and maintenance parts with an annual flat fee. Maintenance parts include a standard one-inch air filter, blower motor belts, thermocouple, oil filter and nozzle. All other parts will be billed as needed with a 10% savings. Rates and policies will be enforced at the time the agreement is signed and will run the entire length of the agreement. Each agreement is renewable after one year from the date of signature.

Benefits include

  • Worry-free maintenance. ALCIVIA will contact the customer by e-mail or phone to schedule routine maintenance service.
  • No price increases. Diagnostic and repair fees will remain the same regardless of any department increase throughout the length of your agreement.
  • No additional charge for LP interruption of service.
  • No after-hour charges. If a service call is needed during the time of an active agreement, you will be billed our regular daytime fees for service plus 10% savings on all repairs. (Fireplaces do not qualify for this benefit)
  • Choose a two or three-year maintenance program.
  • Transferable.
  • Not valid with other discounts or coupons.