A day in the life of Zach Reed, ALCIVIA Heating and Cooling Team

April 17, 2023 BlogEstimatesHeating and Cooling Blog

I had the opportunity to ride along with Zach Reed, HVAC Indoor Comfort Specialist on the ALCIVIA Heating and Cooling team. On this sunny morning Zach was heading to a house in Randolph, Wisconsin to look over the condition of the HVAC systems and give an estimate for full replacement of both furnace and Air Conditioner, as well as a partial estimate for just the replacement of the furnace.

The HVAC team has the skills to work on any type of heating or cooling system, and this particular system was an old oil furnace that had completely stopped working, in a house that had no AC to date.

The initial walkthrough was to look at the layout of gas piping, the exit point for a new exhaust, direction of new drainage, and review electrical options...

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